Artisans – How To Get Featured In Our Galleries! Accepting Business And Artisan Submissions For Consideration

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Editorial Calendar:

Each month we will be featuring a range of businesses.   In addition to featuring beautiful restaurants, we will also be looking at the following topics.

  • Local Destinations
  • Art & Sculpture
  • Wilderness/Farm Dining
  • Harvest
  • Cocktails & Glasses
  • Architecture
  • Lighting
  • Floral Sculpture
  • Plating & Plates
  • Dining Room Design
  • Textures & Colors
  • Furniture & Fixtures
  • Music & Ambiance
  • Tradition
  • Food Design
  • Food Photography
Wendy Louise Nog, Editor, Forkitecture
Wendy Louise Nog, Editor, Forkitecture

Are you in or serving the restaurant industry?  Would you like to have your business featured in Forkitecture?   As the editor of Forkitecture, I would love to learn about you, and am accepting submissions from chefs, designers, architects, artisans, musicians, food photographers, and all creatives from around the globe who are a part of the restaurant industry, including brand and graphic designers.  This could also include farms and providers of food and goods to restaurants.

Three Ways To Get Featured:

1. Exclusive Feature

If selected for an Exclusive Home Page Feature, we will visit your location if possible (as we emerge from COVID we will learn more about how to do this), take photos, write an article about you,  and you will appear on our home page slide show for one month, and on the corresponding gallery section for two months, and archives permanently.  We will also share the article on our social profiles.  Use the below form to submit your business for consideration.  If your business is selected, we will reach out to you for next steps including payment!  The fee is used to cover the cost of our transportation & production.

Introductory Price:  $1200 (due only if selected)

2.  Special Feature

We can only do a few Exclusive Home Page Feature articles each month.  Those businesses that we cannot cover exclusively can be presented as a special feature at the top of the gallery page related to your business.  You will provide the image and text.  We will also share your article on Social Media.  Use the below form to submit your business for consideration.  If your business is selected, we will reach out to you for next steps including payment!

Introductory Price:  $300 (due only if selected)

3.  The Galleries – FREE during pre-launch!

Your favorite image will appear on the page corresponding to the category that you have selected, whether it be plates, interiors, ambiance or others.  The image will link to a page where you can list your business and a description.  The image will appear in our feed, with the most recent entries appearing first.  It will appear until it is bumped out of sight, and will be in our gallery archives permanently.  SEO Benefits:  we will provide a “do follow” link to your website.

Price: $FREE During pre-launch!


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