About Sponsored Feature Articles

Would you like to have your business featured in Forkitecture?   As the editor of Forkitecture, I would love to learn about you!

If selected for an Exclusive Sponsored Feature article, your business will appear on our home page in the Hero location in a slide show with up to 5 other restaurants and artisans for 30 days.  It will also appear corresponding galleries, on our blog page, and in our archives permanently.  We will also be promoting your article on our social media profiles with paid ads.

We will visit your location, take photos, and write an article about you.  We are not writing reviews, so the article will be very positive, focusing on what makes your business special.

  •  Prime Feature ($5,000-$10,000) + travel – we visit & write article
  •  Exclusive Feature ($2,000) – Home Page 30 days
  • Special Feature ($900) – Top Of Category Page
  • Gallery Feed With Social Share ($300)
  • Gallery Feed (free)
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