Restaurants are three-dimensional experiential works of art.  Our mission is to give visibility to gorgeous restaurants around the world, and the artisans who create them.

Do you provide services for restaurants, bars, or eateries?  Gain exposure for your business, music, or craft by joining Forkitecture!

The Galleries are a continuous stream of gorgeous photographs of restaurants and the work of artisans.  You can submit your gorgeous photograph to the galleries for free.

The Artisan Directory is a directory of businesses who provide a wide range of services to restaurants, from creative to technical.  We want to be the place to go find talented artisans that will make a restaurant or eatery stunning.  A simple listing is free.  If you would like to add images or video presentation, there are monthly subscription options.


We are looking for gorgeous, unique, or special restaurants to share with our readers.  We would love to learn about yours!  We want to hear about your inspiration and your team.

Hook Fish Co. at Proof Lab, Mill Valley

Artisans, Farms, Specialty Foods

We would love to be introduced to artisans who work with restaurants.  This could range from potters to painters, sculptors to furniture designers.  Farms, and specialty artisan foods, all things created for restaurants.

Istanbul Light Artisan

Chefs, Photographers & Food  Stylists

Capturing the beauty of food and its environments is a true art, and as you can tell, we love beautiful imagery.  We would love to showcase some of your work!

Architects, Interior Styling, Furnishings & Decor

We would love to feature your work on Forkitecture, and to showcase your expertise.

Florists, Landscape Architects

Floral sculpture and landscaping can transform a dining experience.  We would love to showcase some of your work!

Hook Fish Co. at Proof Lab, Mill Valley

Musicians, DJ’s, Sound

Music creates the ambiance of a dining experience.  Please tell us about your music, and how you are working with eateries during this unprecedented time.

Fern Bar Drink

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